Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bachelor: Puerto Rico

Last night's Bachelor was quite entertaining to say the least. It had love, sports, and more Crazy Courtney. Nicki and Ben's date was very cute. Them getting caught in the rain and sharing the movie-esque kiss was nice, but the kiss was a little too expected. Their time on the bench outside of the wedding was very sweet. You can totally tell that Nicki is falling head over heels for Ben, but I don't think Ben is quite there yet.

The baseball game date was pretty hot, and it probably looked really good on paper. The game, however, almost got uncomfortable to watch because it was so competitive. It also had a couple "game" flaws. 1) It was totally unfair to have Lindzi play for both teams. I know Ben picked her, but Vegas would not be happy with this. Shady business I tell you. 2) Ben being the all time pitcher and having a stake in the winner was a questionable rule as well. The highlight of the game was Courtney saying, "Who knew that strippers could play baseball?" I think Courtney is a total nut-job, but this was totally hilarious! I was rolling on the couch laughing. Blakeley's pep-talk after the game made me want to jump out on the field and practice harder for next time. I truly felt bad for the losing blue team. I mean look at that disappointment.

The fact that Courtney recognizes Kacie B. as a threat speaks volumes to what a good chance Kacie B. has at "winning" this whole thing. It was pretty obvious on Ben and Elyse's date that Elyse was going to go home. She was just talking to herself, and there was definitely no spark. But the true spark came when Courtney threw herself at Ben later that night. Ben knew what was going to happen...and boy-o-boy did it happen!!!! I was shocked that Jennifer was sent home. I really thought there was something there. I was hoping that I called Nicki's move into the Top 3 in my previous Bachelor entry, but after watching the outtakes at the end of the show, I just can't do it. I saw them interacting with one another, and I didn't like what I saw. Unfortunately, I have to put Crazy Courtney into the Top 3. Her little stunt has moved her up. Let's face it...sex sells! I also can't believe that Emily was not sent home after her talk with Ben. He basically gave her an ultimatum! She is on some thin ice. I mean THIN.

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