Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MSU-UM Basketball: Great TV!

My night started (post workout) with the MSU-UM basketball game on ESPN. Michigan got off to a really fast start, but MSU knows how to hang around. Tom Izzo is quite the coach, and he won't let his guys fall too far behind or quit in a big game like this. MSU pulled it to within a point with about a minute and a half left, but fouling the three point shooter and the turnover to Hardaway late hurt the Spartans. Izzo is not going to be happy with the way they finished the half. That three pointer from Green would have helped.

I am going to watch the DVR'd "How I Met Your Mother" (46 Minutes) during halftime of the game. Barney with the glitter on his face in the strip club was pretty funny. I also liked the "Rounders" reference in the Russian poker scene. Anyone else catch it?!?! I got a little sad when they showed the empty booth at the end of the show, but my happiness was restored with the sappy quote and the gang sitting in a booth at Lily and Marshall's new home.

Back to the game. Can I start by saying, what is going on with Denard Robinson's hair?!?! That was some crazy stuff!!! Check out the picture below to get an idea of what I am talking about. U of M took an 11 point lead with about 12 minutes to go, but it was quickly silenced by Thornton! Yes Thornton! Great finish to the game. The game went back and forth, but the Wolverines came out on top 60-59. Top 25 shake up!

I am going to catch up on Two and a Half Men (DVR) and then maybe Teen Mom later tonight.

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