Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kardashians Take Dubai

The night cap consisted of some channel surfing in preparation for the two new shows of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. I caught the tail end of the repeat intro show talking about Jonathan's sexuality (of course he is gay) and Kourtney's couponing. It is my third time catching some of this episode and it brings up an important point. Scott is not the jerk that he once was. I don't know if this is due to the addition of the unlikable Hump or the fact that Scott has actually changed and become more likable. I am going with the latter. I truly believe Scott has become an alright guy. Him talking about Kourtney going crazy with couponing was pretty funny.

Episode 1 - "Cats Away, Mice Play"

I am going to comment on this show as I watch. First of all, Kim's eyes look like she has been crying for days at the beginning of this episode. It must be a sign of bad things to come. I can't stand what a big deal Kim is making about Hump going to "another country". It's only Canada! It might as well be New Hampshire or Maine. I understand the fact that their relationship is on rocky ground, but there is no need to emphasize the fact that they went to another that just puts it over the edge. Hump and Scott drunk in the back seat of their SUV was pretty funny. Scott continues to be real and entertaining. After watching both Scott and Hump get their spankings, it is obvious why there is a difference between the two couples' relationships. Scott and Kourtney have a very likable aspect to them and their relationship is fun. I don't know if I'd be enjoying the show at all without these two.

Episode 2 - "Kim Takes Dubai"

"Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah" - Hilarious start to the show! I was literally laughing out loud (that's lol for you old timers). The places in Dubai are just crazy. I can't believe that was actually Kim's room. Judging from the number of people at that "mall" appearance, I think the Kardashians are going to be taking over the Middle East next. The empire is growing!

Scott's response, "Did they pee on your bed or something?" was also a highlight for me. I am curious how much of Hump's stand-off-ish-ness is due to editing and how much is really him. I mean, he can't really be that bad, can he?...I guess he probably can be that bad, but I was hoping he wasn't...for his sake and the sake of all human-kind. I am also skeptical of the back seat mom-daughter discussion. It seems very produced and almost fake. It is almost like this was shot after the fact to help the story line. There are no scenes of the landscape around the car...hmm...skeptical.

Trouble is brewing...

Overall, the episodes were okay...they weren't anything crazy. Scott and Kourtney drove the shows!

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