Friday, January 13, 2012

Gold Rush: Eros, Here I come

I just caught the new episode of "Gold Rush" (Twenty Four Seven). As always, it was intriguing and I learned some new things. The Discovery Channel has some great reality shows on this season. Below are some of my feelings about the show tonight based on each of the different mines that the show follows.

Quartz Creek
This mine is the most professional crew of the three, and it obviously has the most assets. Judging from what that water was looking like where they are digging now, I am pretty sure they are going to have a good season. This dirty water is just a minor setback to add some drama to the show. They are going to make some major moolah! The filming of this crew got a little dramatic at the end of the show, but it was entertaining none the less.

Big Nugget
Parker getting shut down by MSHA was sort of sad to see. I feel bad for that kid. I wonder if the Discovery Channel cameras weren't there if there would be an MSHA sighting. Something tells me the answer to that question is NO. Parker has quite the work ethic, but he needs to realize that the bureaucratic garbage that he has to go through with the inspector and safety trainer are a vital part of his business and future. This is just a fact of life and price of doing his business. You have to respect how quickly he handled the situation and got the mine back up and running.

Porcupine Creek
Looks like Dakota Fred didn't fair too well with the MSHA inspector either. I think I am going to become a mine safety trainer. There sure does seem to be some good money in it. I think Fred could have used some lessons from Parker on how to handle this situation.

Before one of the commercial breaks, they stated the fact that Eros, one of the closest asteroids to Earth, may have way more gold than is found on Earth. There may be a thousand billion dollars worth of gold there! A thousand billion, eh? I thought this sort of number was only talked about with 1st graders and how much money they wanted to make when they grew up. Regardless, I'd like to make a plea to Richard Branson for a flight to Eros once Virgin Galactic adds this site to the flight schedule.

Optimus Primetime

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