Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

I am currently finishing up watching the Golden Globes while I am writing this post. I watched some football and basketball earlier in the day. I had no real vested interest in the Ravens-Texans game. It tried very hard to get interesting at the end of the game, but the Texans couldn't do enough to "really" make it into a game. The Giants keep finding a way to beat teams that should win on paper. At least I will only be seeing Aaron Rodgers on the "discount double-check" commercials. For some reason, he rubs me the wrong way. I think Brett Favre only taught him how to be arrogant. And Indiana University (I am talking men's basketball here) looked awful. You'd think after the wins they pulled off at home that they could muster up a greater effort on the road. There I go thinking again. I watched the Golden Globes during the commercials of the Kevin Hart special on Comedy Central. The Golden Globes offered some entertaining parts that I caught. It was great seeing George Clooney walk in on Brad Pitt's cane, and Morgan Freeman's acceptance speech was great. He is truly a class act. I've been catching some of the Kevin Hart stand-up this week leading up to the premiere of "Laugh at My Pain." He continues to make me laugh. Cracks me up actually. There is something about his facial expressions and the way he carries himself on stage. If you are looking to watch a funny stand-up performance, I highly recommend this show. There are some clips of the show on Comedy Central's website.
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