Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor v. The BCS Championship Game

The girly Bachelor v. The BCS Championship game? This can't be a real question, right? I am a man, and I know the right both! I am going to write this blog as the night unfolds. It is 8:00 PM and the night has begun. It starts on the Bachelor. The first one-on-one date goes to Kacie B.
She seems like a sweet girl, and there seems to be some chemistry between the two of them. And, of course, within 3 minutes she is head over heels in love. He gives her the rose, and they share in a nice date watching videos of them as kids. I really liked the date. You have to put her as an early front runner. Ben also seems more likable than some of the past bachelors.

(BCS) Heading to the game for the commercial, and we are still entrenched in the same pre-game we have seen the past week. I'd like to add that I think Kirk Herbstreit is really growing on me as an analyst.

(Bachelor) Back to the Bachelor. This group dates are hit or miss. "Can you do your sexy dance?" That and the sprinkler to follow were pretty funny. Woah!!! What is Blakeley wearing? Well, a quick internet search (Blakeley Shea if you are interested) shows that she is not afraid to wear much less. The girls aren't big fans of her, but Ben will be for a while. There's always a girl like her that stays around for a large portion of the show.

(BCS) 0-0 on the game. Alabama gets the ball first. Are we in store for another 6-3 game? Alabama can't make it back to the 50 on their opening possession. This could be another long night.

(Bachelor) Well, the roles are established. Courtney is the crazy one. Blakeley is the slutty one. Jenna is the crier. Monica is the lesbian. Everyone has a role, and these are the ones that have already been established. Get use to some of these characters. A few may be around for a while. I am guessing that Courtney will be kept on for at least two more shows, and Blakeley is going to have to stick around until there are around 5 ladies left. She is a lightning rod, and ABC would do whatever they need to to keep her on the show. We all know they put things in Ben's ear. The Courtney date is getting boring since Scotch isn't doing anything fun. Back to the game.

(BCS) Allstate commercial...and back....

(Bachelor) Back to see them kiss and see Scotch ruin it. You go Scotch! I am not a fan of Courtney.

(BCS) I can see we have ourselves another offensive juggernaut. 3-0. LSU's defense looks solid after that series leading to the blocked field goal, but it is going to have to be the Bachelor until it ends. There will be plenty of game left after it ends in 45 minutes.

(Bachelor) Back to this Courtney date. Courtney is very BLAH, and she seems to be hiding something. No surprise there...she gets the rose. NEXT! Oh were my favorite until you said you drove a truck. Why do girls drive trucks? I know that country boys find it attractive, but it seems like such a manly thing to me. She's still a front runner, though. These are the top three front runners after this week. Even though I am not a Blakeley fan, you can't deny that she is a favorite to make a long run in this. Ben likes her!
Back to the Game...That's all for tonight from Optimus Primetime.

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