Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Detroit Tigers: Lots of TV Time

The amount of time the Detroit Tigers have been on TV lately is incredible. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the recent acquisition of Prince Fielder. It is clear that Mike Ilitch is getting a little antsy for a World Series win in his old age. We have all heard the jokes that the $5 Hot-N-Ready's are going to be $20 now, but this was a seriously expensive deal. I don't remember a time when the city of Detroit has been so excited. This deal came out of nowhere, and everyone in the city had a flabbergasted, "WOW" look on their face. This feeling of shock immediately turned into a feeling of pure excitement! Detroit is a city that often gets crapped on by the national media, so the constant discussions about the outlook for the Detroit Tigers is welcomed by everyone that calls themselves a Detroiter. The latest MGM odds shown on tonight's Sportscenter now have the Tigers as the favorites to win the World Series. Thanks for signing in Detroit Prince. I suppose we should have seen it coming....

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