Monday, January 23, 2012

Bachelor: More Courtney Craziness

The Bachelor offered some really good parts tonight, but the one and only, Crazy Courtney, stole the show once again. She continues to do off the wall things and act like a total nut-job. She quoted the Charlie Sheen "winning" three times that I remembered. This was about three times too many. Some people can pull of the surprise rose trick. Some people can't. Courtney is one of those people that can't. Samantha getting the boot from the show brought about this response: "Who's Samantha?". The date that Jennifer and Ben had was very fun, and there is definitely a bit of a spark between them. Kacie B. continues to hold a place in Ben's heart. This was apparent in their one-on-one time together. Not much happened between Ben and Lindzi, but we all know she is still a front runner. Nothing has changed with The Top 3 for this week...just the design. Look out for Nicki. She appears to be ready to crack The Top 3. Could next week be her time?!?!

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