Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Idol: Is that Dave Matthews?!?!

So, I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight about my TV viewing, but I was struck at the end of American Idol. Phillip Phillips. Yes, he claims that is his real name. He sings his first song, which is okay, then he grabs his guitar...and there it is...the second coming of Dave Matthews himself. Let me step in here and offer the disclaimer on the rest of my post. DISCLAIMER: "I have been a fan of DMB since 1996. I've been a member of the Warehouse since 1999 (see card below). No one is as good or will ever be quite like Dave. The upcoming album with Lillywhite as the producer will be epic. Or at least there is epic build up for it. If you don't know, please go to the following site to hear all about it:  I have been to over 40 shows and know that there is no other Dave."

With all of that being said and my official membership card as proof, let's get to the point. Phillip Phillips starts his second song, Thriller, and sounds amazing. He starts off sounding a little like Ray LaMontagne. I am thinking..."Nice, this is going to be good." And then, Phillip starts playing the guitar, dancing, and getting into the music. There he is...a young Dave Matthews. J. Lo even makes a comment about liking the way that he moves his feet. Does the crowd go any crazier than when Dave starts dancing at a concert during one of Boyd's solos?!?! His facial expressions and mannerisms aren't painful like John Mayer's. They are exactly like one person's....Mr. Dave Matthews himself. Youtube this guy, and tell me if I am wrong. I was honestly stunned. The pictures below don't do it justice, but take a look. It is a young Dave Matthews. I am looking forward to what this guy has to offer. I am hoping he makes it long enough to get some good publicity, but short enough so that he can get a record deal and stay true to his own style.

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