Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whitney: Do you have vag-alzheimer's?

Whitney continues to be a show that I make an attempt to watch live. Let's be honest. Watching a show live is much better than watching it via the 'ole DVR. Watching it live shows that you are committed to the show and would schedule your day around it. Watching a show via DVR says, "I like you show, but I will get around to you when I can." We are committed to our live shows, and Whtiney, I am committed to you! The show continues to evolve. We got a sneak peak into Roxanne's apartment for the first time, and her ex, Lance, has been brought into the fold. I think he will add some more (not needed, but welcomed) humor to the show. Neal being concerned about his boss's stereotyping was a funny story line, and it was even funnier when it backfired on him at the end of the show. Let's be honest. We all thought the same thing about that accountant. The show had some great one-liners tonight. Here are some of my favorites:

"Come on Computer, be more Indian." - Neal's boss doing work with Neil

"Do you have vag-alzheimer's?" - Whitney talking to Roxanne about her getting back with Lance

"I don't work for the post office, but I will inspect your package." - Whitney talking about her past mistakes

"Well, they weren't originally crotchless...well, that's a long story." - Roxanne explaining Whitney's apartment find

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