Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kendra on We...and Hot Girl Golf

I was very excited when I saw a commercial for Kendra's new show when I was flipping through channels, but then I became skeptical when I heard it was on We. I decided to give it a viewing and see what it was all about. I watched the first episode of the new series, "Kendra On Top," and found out that the Kendra everyone came to know and love on E! is that same woman on We. It is pretty obvious that We has tried to mature the show a little from the format on E!. They also lengthened the show to a full hour. I guess you can never have enough Kendra.

There were definitely some fun parts of the show. One thing is for sure; Holly from "The Girls Next Door" is still annoying. She doesn't need to make any more guest appearances on this show. I was really freaked out by JoJo McCarthy (Jenny McCarthy's sister). I closed my eyes and thought I heard Jenny and her hosting days on "Singled Out." Speaking of hosting. I don't think Hank has a future in it. I was really rooting for Hank to do well in the NFL and was actually following his moves to different teams. I hate to admit it (because I like him as a person), but I really don't think he has a chance to host any shows. He needs a lot of work based on the clips they showed. Plus, no one can compete with Ryan Seacrest. Overall, I really enjoyed the show and will be looking forward to catching some more episodes.

Okay, okay, okay! I know I deserve some flack for watching We, but there are some happenings that I caught on the Golf Channel that will totally give me my man card back. I caught a part of "The Golf Fix" that featured a girl that was recently kicked off "Big Break Atlantis." Apparently this was Aubrey McCormick. Wowwy Wow Wow!!! Let's just say, I may be checking this channel more regularly in the future....for my golf game, of course.

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