Friday, May 11, 2012

Shark Tank: Billy Blanks Jr., Bikinis, Bands, Butter...and Barbara

I love watching Shark Tank on ABC, but I wish it was on TV on a different night. However, tonight I found myself home on the couch and ready for some sharks to take a bite out of some fresh entrepreneur meat. For this blog, I will post comments about each idea as I am watching the show. Well, let's get started.

First up are two college students that started their peanut butter company in Oregon. First thought is...what a bunch of hippies! But it actually looks like they have a good product that the sharks are enjoying the taste of the peanut butter. I like the naming of their flavors and how they are squirrel associated. It isn't looking good for these girls right now as most of the sharks are questioning their dedication to college and their product. How dare they want to finish school!  Barbara is the only shark left. What will she do? She makes an offer of 50K for 40% stake in the company. And we have a deal!

Up next we have a band as a business investment. Initial though is: I don't like it! The band sounds pretty good, and I like their style. I don't see this idea working on shark tank, though. None of these guys can manage a band or have experience in the music business. The band does seem Black Keys-esque....just not as good. NO DEAL! Too bad for that band, but I hope we never see another band in the shark tank.

Look out Daymond! We have a clothes company. I like this bikini idea a lot! This is a great idea!!! Ouch, though. I really don't like the kiosk idea. I think the online business is the way to do this. These guys truly have a great idea, but they need some guidance on how to make money. The idea may just sell itself, though. Barbara makes another deal! This may be a company I check out after the show to see how they are doing. I can see this idea catching on.

It's Billy Blanks Jr. time! Billy Blanks' son was homeless? Not sure how that happened, but come on daddy...give that kid some money! I don't like this fitness idea at all. Dancing does not seem like a good workout. Don't we already have Zumba?! His name may help sell some DVD's, but the pyramid scheme with the licensing of certified trainers does not work. Barbara is on her game tonight and has asked the million dollar question: Why did your Dad leave you on the street? That is all she is going to do though. Barbara is sticking to peanut butter and bikinis. At the end of the day, Billy didn't want to have anything to do with Zumba, even if it helps bring him to 12 million potential customers....hold up...we have a change of events. Daymond has a sidebar and we have a deal!

Another great time in the tank!

Optimus Primetime

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