Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wild About BUCKWILD...The Next Jersey Shore

I just found some time to write about the mini marathon of BUCKWILD that was on MTV a few days ago. I saw the first episode a few weeks back, but I wasn't catching the new shows. Luckily I had some open time this past weekend, and the other shows on TV weren't grabbing my attention. I watched episodes 105-108 which includes the following: 'Double Trouble/Birthday Wishes Can Come True’ & 'Raging Bulls/It's Not A Date'. Any show that has hillbillies doing stupid stuff is okay in my book. I usually like changing the channel in commercials, but these episodes had me hooked. I couldn't leave the channel or my seat. That's a good thing for MTV I suppose.

'Double Trouble/Birthday Wished Can Come True' focuses on Shae's breakup with Jesse J. and her quick rebound to Joey. Joey got more than a mouthful for his birthday as Shae licked apple butter off of his chest. 

'Raging Bulls/It's Not a Date' continued with the new romance between Shae and Joey. Joey manned up and took Shae out for their first date. Shae definitely rewarded him for the dinner by fulfilling his sexy school girl fantasies.

I think it is fair to say that this series is going to be around for a while. I will go as far to say this is the next Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore was MTV's bread and butter from 2009-2012. We will be seeing a lot more of this group over the next three years. They definitely have a lot of entertainment value to offer! I am already looking forward to the series in 2016 where the Jersey Shore and BUCKWILD switch spots. Snookie in the backwoods on an ATV and Shain fist pumping at Karma! Quuuuaaadddsss heeeeerrreeeee!!!!!

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